Global Head of Custody, Clearing & ASL Operations, Deutsche bank

London, Royaume-Uni

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Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui
    Septembre 2014

    Global Head of Custody, Clearing & ASL Operations

    +5000 employés

  • Aujourd'hui
    Août 2014
    Octobre 2012

    Head of GTO DeAWM UKI, Global GTO AWM Regulatory Change, GBS AFS and Passive Business DBM

    +5000 employés

  • Aujourd'hui
    Octobre 2012

    Head of PBC & PWM Operations Europe and SOM reengineering program

    +5000 employés

  • Aujourd'hui

    Head of PWM Ops Luxemburg/offshore group & PWM Ops SOM Programme and Strategy

    +5000 employés

  • Aujourd'hui

    Director, Business Operations COO and Ops strategy head

    +5000 employés

    • Definition and set up of a Private Wealth new operating model, realignment of tasks between business, operations and internal partners covering Austria , Channel Island, Germany, Luxemburg, Mauritius, Switzerland, Singapore, US.
    • Identify and manage Operational processes to be realigned, improved/offshored internally or externally
    • Identify and manage IT platform improvements, closure or outsourcing opportunities
    • Define and implement a new operating model for Commodities and Foreign Currencies processes
    • Manage division global budget, Head Counts evolution
    • Manage division Operational risks & Controls: Audit, Sox, MIS, KPI, KOP, Workflows, BCM, MRP, Breaks, Internal Operational Risk training ...
    • Manage PWM Ops communication, training, Innovation, Client satisfaction, 6Sigma, people development
  • Aujourd'hui

    Head of PBC Ops Turkey / Head of PBC Operation management International

    +5000 employés

    Head of Private Banking Customer Operations and process Turkey/Istanbul
    • Set up of a retail banking business activity in Turkey.
    • Head of Middle office and ops people in the branch which cover Static Data maintenance, Call Centre, Investigation, Payment, debit card, treasury, forex, cash handling, securities and Loans/mortgage/credit

    Head of Private Banking Customer operations management International
    • Define & manage International PBC IT/Ops strategy: Belgium, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, China and India
    • Identify and manage IT platform improvement, closure or outsourcing opportunities
    • Identify and manage Operational processes to be realigned, improved or offshored internally or externally
  • Aujourd'hui

    Director: Head of Private and Business Clients Operations department

    +5000 employés

    Head of Private and Business Clients Operations department
    Set up of an operations department in parallel of the implementation of a private and retail banking activity in Russia
  • Aujourd'hui

    Head of Banking and Cash Operations Krakow (Poland)

    +5000 employés

    • Management and organization of department (50 people covering private banking activity and 16 people covering processing eastern Europe processing centre)
    • Set up of an off shore processing centre supporting Central & Eastern Banking and Cash Ops locations
    • Integration and alignment of private banking activities to banking and cash operation European strategy
    • Decommission of current back office private banking plate form, and migration to a more efficient system
    • People management: set up and development of a human resources action plan to move resources skills from a factory concept to a partnership expertise.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Programme Director

    +5000 employés

    • Management of a reengeneering program to consolidate cash management ops area from 13 european locations to India/Bangalore
    • Outsourcing of major operations, offshoring & nearshoring: Definition of a Model, project plan, scope, way to deliver it.
    • Standardisation of processes between the european locations
    • Management of social plan and strategy: retention plan, incentive, staff restructuring, trade unions negotiations
    • People management: coordinate and manage all resources involve in the excution of the project: IT, project manager, stream leader, business, controllers, auditors and risk management ...
    • Change management: Ensure smooth implementation of the consolidated process, workflows, ownership between branches and processing center
    • Vendor and risk management: Banking and Financial internal control structures, set up of MIS and controls mesurable metrics to track quality and productivty of processing centers and providers
    • governance of complex budgets,
  • Aujourd'hui

    Head of Transaction Bank/Credit operations : Back and middle office payments, Custody and Credit

    +5000 employés

    • Management and organization of department (200 people),
    • Merger of Deutsche Bank Bank-Worms operations’ areas and alignment of BO and MO processes to DB rules and procedures
    • Management of a social plan : 70% of staff turnover, retirement, staff conversion, training, implementation of a new organization.
    • Re-engeneering and consolidation of middle office functionalities from 18 branches to head office,
    • Integration of the operations department into DB European strategy
    • Implementation of controls and procedures to secure process
    • Member of French market comities : Euroclear France, OCBF, French Clearing house (securities and payments)
  • Aujourd'hui

    Deputy Head of operations

    +5000 employés

    • Management and organization of department (4 back-offices - 75 people): Equities, Global Market, Custody, Payments,
    • Creation of a private/retail back-office with respect to DB 24 implementation in France,
    • Managing and training of staff, management of budget for department,
    • Integration of the operations department into DB European strategy : reduce cost and headcount, centralisation of functionalities and process, insure continuity. of operations process,
    • Management of project: STP, Bulk payment, Clearnet, Clearing 21, Euro-Mts, Brokertec, Cantor, Mts France, Y2K, change of front and back-office systems, CCBM, Euro
    • Reporting to the hubs: Frankfurt and London,
    • Member of French market comities : Euroclear France, OCBF, French Clearing house (securities and payments)
  • Aujourd'hui

    Deputy head of clearing department (futures & commodities contracts, French Bonds)

    MATIF SA / Euronext group

    • Management of the clearing department (5 people)
    • Co-ordinating day-to-day transactions (internal system, delivery system : Swift, saturne, euroclear, cedel, CRI, RGV)
    • Supervising risk based margining, treasury operations (3.5 billion FF per day) and procedure development
    • Managing and training of staff to new clearing systems and products.
    • Implementation of new clearing system : CLEARNET project: Clearing of French Government Bond traded on OTC market.
    • Development and testing of new products (Euro futures and commodities contracts), cross margining co-operation between DTB/EUREX/SBF/MATIF, Clearing 21 : New Matif clearing system
    • Development and management of MATIF contracts deliveries: French and Ecu bonds, settle to market, commodities contracts, managing defaults.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Deputy head of commodities clearing department

    MATIF SA / Euronext group

    - Organisation of the commodities clearing department and management of the FOREX back-office (6 people)
    - Co-ordinating day-to-day transactions and supervising trades initiated by associated clearing houses (London Clearing House, NLKKAS = Amsterdam commodities)
    - Supervising the treasury and risk based margining (counter-party risk, market risk)
    - Managing and training of staff to new clearing systems.
    * “Matification”: Transfer of commodities clearing system and activity (value to market) to MATIF clearing system (settle to market)
    - Transfer planning and development of a training member programme
    * Development and management commodities delivering contracts: managing deliveries and defaults (Sugar, Rapeseed, Wheat, Potatoes)
  • Aujourd'hui

    Customer Relationship Manager

    MATIF SA / Euronext group

    * Training and consulting of F&0, commodities MATIF clearing house back-office members
    * Managing and solving Matif members back-office issues
  • Aujourd'hui

    Assistant to the Administrative Director


    * Assistant to the Administrative Director
    * Head assistant of the back-office department
    * Head assistant of the bond back-office Manager
  • I.S.G Institut Supérieur de Gestion

  • Institut Supérieur de Gestion

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Ses compétences

  • 6sigma
  • Investment Banking
  • Loans
  • Management
  • Middle Office
  • Offshore
  • Offshoring
  • Outsourcing
  • Plan social
  • Private banking
  • Investment
  • Finance Management
  • Finance
  • Back Office
  • Banking
  • Banque
  • Budget
  • Restructuration
  • Conservation
  • Consolidation
  • Crédoc
  • Custody
  • Budgétisation

Ses langues parlées

  • Français
    ****Langue maternelle
  • Anglais
  • Espagnol

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    Sa présentation

    Operations Manager specialized in a) leading people, large change initiatives and shaping operational strategy in addition of b) driving Business strategic discussion to determine requirements and translating those to improve: Business set up, Operating Model, Sourcing and Reengineering of operational processes. Clients’ expertise: Financial Institutions, Corporate, Private, Wealth & Retail Clients. Products’ expertise: Custody, Securities, Commodities, Derivatives, Funds, Loans, Cash based products and Payments, Trade Finance Management and organisation of cross-continental operations department and challenges. Governance of complex budgets, day to day operational process, risk and controls.

    - Business set up & engineering of Ops processes
    - Strategy Ops & sourcing Model
    - people mgt, Unions negotiations, staff restucturing
    - Management of engeneering program, improvement, outsource/offshore major operations process
    - governance of complex budgets
    - integrating teams during mergers/acquisitions
    - Cross regional challenges
    - Banking & Financial internal control structures
    - Lean
    - Operational Risk Management
    - MIS, KPI, KRI, BCM, Audit and Sox controls governance

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