Adrien Saint-Pierre

Adrien Saint-Pierre

PhD Student, University of Manchester

En poste chez University of Manchester

Précédents : Illinois Institute of Technology, Sercel, J2E (Junior Etude Esigelec),, Vaillant


Précédents : University Of Manchester, Illinois Institute Of Technology, Ecole Supérieure D'Ingénieurs En Génie Electrique, Université Nantes



PhD Student

Chez University of Manchester

De octobre 2012 à aujourd'hui
I am a PhD Student working in the Electrical Energy and Power Systems group at the University of Manchester. My research is focused on Power Systems Economics.

University Of Manchester, Manchester

Ph.D, University of Manchester

De octobre 2012 à mars 2016
Power Systems, Energy Markets

Graduate Research Assistant

Chez Illinois Institute of Technology

De janvier 2012 à septembre 2012
I completed my Master's degree as a research engineer in the Illinois Institute of Technology power systems laboratory in the team of Dr. A. J. Flueck. My research interest was the design of a voltage stability strategy based on dynamics and transient analysis.

Metrology Technician

Chez Sercel

De juin 2009 à août 2012
I worked as a metrology technician for a leading company in oil prospecting equipment. This position was held each summer from 2009 to 2011.


Chez J2E (Junior Etude Esigelec)

De janvier 2011 à décembre 2011
I worked as the president of a student association providing engineering services. My role of president was to manage the association, to find clients and to manage employed students. This experience brought me business and leadership skills.



De janvier 2010 à décembre 2011
I created a social website dedicated to students seeking available accommodation. This was a free service where the students could add and rate their rental experiences.

R&D technician

Chez Vaillant

De avril 2009 à juin 2009
I worked as a research and development technician for a leading company in heating and cooling equipment. I designed a new mathematical model on Matlab/Simulink to control the air flow in a heat pump without needing an air flow sensor.

Université Nantes, Nantes

HND/Associate's Degree, Université Nantes

De 2007 à 2009
Electrical and Computer Engineering


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