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Harvard University, Boston : 19 alumni

Harvard Business School

Audrey Revel
Sérieuse Ambitieuse & Polyvalente
Dujd Dddd
programmateur, Carrefour
bac bac 1 bac 20000
wkwks ms
Michael Zammuto
CEO of Completed.com & Cloud Commerce Consulting
General Management Program (GMP8)
General Management Program (GMP) is a program within the Harvard Business School which combines several months of on-campus classroom training, case studies, group projects and an amazing lecture series to help executives in general management roles and functional executives who want to move into general management roles to build a breadth of skills to work at broad, enterprise or business scope.
Desmond Fretz
Production Specialist, Canon Business Solutions
Violeta DaVinci
Nicolas Chapuis
Directeur Marketing, Thales Electron Devices - RFM
Candi Carrera
Directeur Operations, eBRC
Business Administration
People Management & Leadership, Market & Customers Management, High-Velocity Industries, International Entrepreneurial Finance, Strategy Focused Organizations, Competitive Strategies, Organizational Design, Finance Essentials
Zerianski Viki
Chef, finance
Viviana Lagarrigue (Lopez)
Chargée d’affaires à l’International
Jean-Pierre Levieux
COO, MediaCom France CMO Content & Connections
Eric V.
Head Global Strategic Initiatives, Alcon
Waldemar Jezler
President, Libra Capital LLC
focus on General Management
Jim Ragsdale
Commercial Director, Premium Cosmetics, M.H. Alshaya
Luis Manuel Halcon Guardiola
Inersor & Fundador, www.segurosveterinarios.com
Jose D. Barros
China Managing Director, Geismar
Samir Mezroui
AMOA, ERDF / Accenture Conseil
Pascal BONY
Business Development Stockage, Cloud & D.R