Stéphane Vellay

Stéphane Vellay

⌬ computational pharmacist ☕ chocolate-fueled visual analytics storyteller

London, United Kingdom

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His background

  • Today
    May 2014

    Lead Application Scientist

    +5000 employees

    Growing usage of Discoverant Operations Intelligence and the BIOVIA Foundation (Pipeline Pilot) in the scientific community by identifying users' needs and advising or developing appropriate solutions.
    Industry focus on Product and Process Monitoring, Continued Process Verification, Stability monitoring, and process investigations for biological and small molecule drug manufacturing.
  • Today
    April 2014
    July 2007

    Lead Field Application Scientist

    500 - 999 employees

    Grew usage of Pipeline Pilot (scientific informatics platform) in the scientific community by identifying users' needs and advising or developing appropriate solutions, via various ways:
    • Demonstration: Explaining benefits to users, and developing tailored proof-of-concept, each week in a different scientific environment or company;
    • Training: Leading by example, provided more than a hundred training, with excellent feedback from both new and expert users, about most of the component collections;
    • Support: Became a trusted advisor (inside and outside company) in a variety of Pipeline Pilot component collections (esp. Imaging, Reporting, Text Analytics) and in data visualization;
    • Consulting Services: Engaged in various projects for scientific expertise (e.g. imaging, PKPD, computational chemistry) or interface usability.

    Initiated and developed projects recognized and reused by the community or my team:
    • The creation of the Bibliography Platform led to a publication and the wide promotion of the Text Analytics collection;
    • The integration of PKPD tools like NONMEM, PsN, and WinBUGS generated new business in advance on the long-term company strategy to go towards clinical drug development;
    • Managed team effort to create a standard, and now essential, demonstration slide deck, summarizing on all component collections.
  • Today
    September 2006
    April 2005

    Computational Chemist

    +5000 employees

    • Defined a global in silico strategy to predict human intestinal absorption, based on three quantitative structure-property relationship models predicting (1) passive absorption, (2) P-Glycoprotein involvement and (3) its impact on drugs.
    • Created these multivariate data analysis models based on physicochemical (Volsurf approach) and pharmacophoric (Almond approach) 3D descriptors derived from GRID molecular interaction fields. Compiled literature data and advised to conduct assays to fill in missing data.
    • Conceived a Python-based Intranet application (1) predicting ADME properties including these models as well as other models, (2) operating dissimilarity-based compound selection.
    • Trained the department, using it as a method to confirm in vitro and in vivo assays.
  • MASTER Sciences, Santé et Applications Mention Biologie-Informatique

    Modélisation Moléculaire
  • Université Paris 5 René Descartes

  • Today
    February 2005
    January 2005


    UMR CNRS 5558, School of Medicine, Lyon 1 University

    • Created bioinformatics Python-based object-oriented webwares, adapted to routine practice: PhyID (bacterial and viral phylogenetic identification) and SequenceColourist* (nucleotidic or peptide sequences colouring).
    • Trained the hospital users, evaluated the applications with their feedback and wrote manuals.
  • Today
    September 2004
    July 2004

    Clinical and pharmaceutical fellowship training

    Toliara Province Reference Hospital, Madagascar

    • Introduced a hospital hygiene improvement program in cooperation with the hospital administration and the medical team.
    • Clinical fellowship training at psychiatry departement and maternity ward.
  • Today
    June 2004
    October 2003

    Clinical and pharmaceutical fellowship training

    Poissy Saint-Germain-en-Laye Hospital Centre

    • Clinical fellowship training in geriatrics: Investigated statistic analysis of prescriptions.
    • Pharmaceutical fellowship training: Dispensed drugs, reconstituted antineoplastic agent.
  • Today
    July 2003
    March 2003

    C Developper

    Biomathematics laboratory, School of Pharmacy, Paris 5 University

    • Created a population sampling simulation software in C, based on Monte-Carlo simulation.
    • Participated in the development of a complex speciation software in C.
  • Today
    March 2001
    October 2000

    PHP MySQL Developer

    ViralGames, Paris

    Created a PHP/MySQL dynamic statistics graphics rendering engine.
  • Today
    September 2000
    July 2000

    Flight Attendant

    +5000 employees

    Steward on the North American, African, Asian and European networks.
  • Today
    September 1999
    July 1999

    Flight Attendant

    +5000 employees

    Steward on the North American, African, Asian and European networks.
  • Today
    September 1998
    July 1998

    Flight Attendant

    +5000 employees

    Steward on the North American, African, Asian and European networks.
  • Lycée Jean Baptiste SAY

  • Lycée Saint Vincent

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His skills

  • Pipeline Pilot
  • Discoverant

His languages

  • French
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • German

    His hobbies

    Jazz Soundpainting Clarinet Bass clarinet

    About him

    Still searching the manufacturing data for your analysis? And once you have it, do you always have to switch between disparate software for your control charts, or your predictive stability analytics?

       You haven't seen Discoverant
       Let me help you

    I joined the BIOVIA team because I like to help scientists, from the lab bench to the executive team, innovate and succeed at work. With my pharmaceutical and informatics experience, I can help you understand how to effectively use your data and improve your processes with Discoverant and Pipeline Pilot.

    ✉ Reach out if you want to talk technology, business, or music.

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