Sikiketty Obaye-Dagogo Obaye-Dagogo

Sikiketty Obaye-Dagogo Obaye-Dagogo

BA (hons) business studies, The Open University

Leeds, United Kingdom

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Her background

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Her skills

  • Admistration
  • Financial management
  • Positive
  • Entrepreneur
  • Social care

Her languages

  • English

    Her hobbies

    I like being an Entrepreneur builds on my creativity and makes use of my knowledge. Also I like badmington and football watching.

    About her

    I am studying BA/BSC Health and Social Care with the Open University, got two years to complete the degree and two/three years for a Master in Social Work. Then work as a Children Guardian and Mediator.

    I am a proprietor/entrepreneur of LAMS Mediation & Sounding Board Services, a listening service via telephone, email and face-to-face and for all ages.

    I am engaged and with a daughter, 21+ at London and a seven+ year old son in Zimbabwe.

    I have a company. Brit Isle Health and Social Care Limited and looking to secure funding for operational cost for the business. I am also enterprising the start off of a voluntary organisation, Misfit United Angels Centre (UK) C.I.C.

    Please view my website: for more information on the businesses and donation to my progress.

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    Richard Doust
    • English-French-German speaking Facilitator and Actor-Coach