Robin Dilley

Robin Dilley

Managing Director, Ambient Events Limited

Currently employed at Ambient Tours, Ambient Events Limited, Ambient Consultants

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    Robin Dilley is a senior strategic marketing, communications and brand development specialist with a track record of success in both the public and private sectors. He has worked for both the agency and client companies and in his positions with both the CWS Menswear division and at Wrangler Jeans was responsible in developing the marketing function from scratch. In each case this required him to work to engage fellow senior managers, internal marketing staff and external advertising, public relations and sales promotions agencies. Robin is able to demonstrate a track record of successful marketing and communications and event planning both in the UK and international markets. This has involved major sponsorship, brand and product launches and the organisation and delivery of sales meetings, exhibitions, press and product launches at venues around the UK and overseas. As a consultant, he has worked to instil the marketing ethic within companies of all sizes through the use of team dynamics and visioning techniques and has worked to plan and deliver marketing and communications strategies within organisations in both the public and private sectors. In 1992 he set up, and still coordinates, The Marketing Group, a not for profit, business for business networking organisation. Robin has worked tirelessly for the business community and is an advocate of effective public and private sector partnerships. A communications specialist, Robin is regularly called upon to present seminars and workshops on a whole range of business development topics. As an East Midlands Development Agency (UK) Business Champion he has contributed to the development of an ICT strategy and was a member of a working party into the creation and implementation of a corporate identity for the region. Until it was disbanded in December 2009, he served on the Business Improvement Board of Nottinghamshire County Council.



Managing Director

At Ambient Events Limited

From 2004 to Present
Ambient Events Limited is a fully integrated, marketing, communications and event management consultancy. Ambient Events Limited offers services covering Marketing, Communications, Event Management, E-marketing and E-commerce. The company operates three divisions, Ambient Consultants, Ambient...
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Managing Director

At Ambient Tours

From 2004 to Present
Ambient Tours, a division of Ambient Events Limited, and was set up to provide a hands-on, professional, cultural heritage activity planning and tour management service for special interest groups and individual travellers throughout the UK and other European destinations. The division uses our...
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Managing Director

At Ambient Consultants

From 1991 to Present
Ambient Consultants (formally Robin Dilley Associates) was set up in 1991. Since then, the Consultancy has gained an excellent reputation for its work in business and marketing planning, visioning and the management of change, relationship marketing, integrated communications solutions and campaign...
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Advertising and Marketing Manager

At Wrangler Jeans

From 1975 to 1991
Robin joined Blue Bell Apparel Limited, better known as Wrangler Jeans in 1975, first as Head of Advertising and then Marketing Manager. In the latter capacity, he was responsible for developing an international brand strategy (All countries with the exception of North America) and providing...
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  • Advertising
  • Business development
  • Change management
  • Communications
  • Copywriting
  • Cultural tourism
  • Event Management
  • Heritage Tourism
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Centres d'intérêt

  • I am interested in sport and current affairs. Particular interests include travel and cultural heritage tourism. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe and in the USA and the Far East