Otmane El Rhazi

University Of Jussieu

United Kingdom

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His background

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About him

Otmane El Rhazi has attracted international attention for his studies in mathematical and theoretical statistics and their applications to derivatives valuation and hedging. Though El Rhazi is best known for his innovation in assets valuations and exotics market making, he is also a fan of the Fed central banks governor Greenspan. Whom he thanks for the dedicated last books he just read about the economic deficit trades and exchange rate setting. During his career, El Rhazi concluded a wide range of agreements covering both products and debts, with investors and corporate clients such as Macquarie, UBS, GSK, Qatar Airline, and Gaselys. He spent 7 years in the management of emerging market and commodities funded by debt collaterals, 3 years in Forex and Equities Trading, and 2 years as a Program Developer, where El Rhazi achieved company projects and development for classified and defense systems. His recent research in security software was based on fingerprint analysis and biometric technologies that secret agents use to protect against cyber-attacks. Otmane El Rhazi’s main idea is to identify security threats and provide a rich policy context for accessing critical data online and locally. For the past three years, Otmane El Rhazi was passionate about teaching his son’s team proper technique and tackling while playing football. One of Otmane’s biggest regrets is not practicing football at very young age, so his return as a coach for his son has allowed him to reconnect with his own passion. He felt it was important to give other generations an opportunity and something back that taught him so much over the years. He believes that without a disciplined and caring methods young kids will never feel fully autonomous.