Neus Gracia

Neus Gracia

Consultant, Blue Orb Recruitment

United Kingdom

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Her background

  • Today
    June 2014


    Blue Orb Recruitment

    Blue Orb Recruitment is part of Blue Orb Human Capital Group. Its success is built upon the collaboration and innovation of our expert recruiters and their network within specialist industry sectors. We currently work alongside some of the largest companies worldwide to assist them in finding the very best talent available. Using headhunting techniques and innovative market mapping software we are able to locate, contact and represent candidates that will start a new position without ever speaking with another agency or uploading their CV to a generic search engine. Discussing and understanding the needs of both our clients and candidates is critical to us. With this in mind for a initial confidential conversation please contact me directly on: Follow us on Twitter @blueorbgroup or our LinkedIn Group 'BlueOrbRecruitment' for up to the minute news on jobs and opinions within the industry. Key responsibilities include:

    * Negotiating contracts.
    * 'Head hunting'.
    * Interviewing and assessing prospective applicants and matching them with vacancies at client companies.
    * Drawing up short-lists.
    * Organizing interviews and selection events.
    * Making arrangements for the advertisement of vacancies.
    * Helping applicants to prepare for interviews.
    * Creating a database and Market map in Chameleoni.
  • Today
    June 2014
    January 2010


    El Puerto

    My role involved several numerable duties to run the restaurant smoothly.
    Furthermore, I'm in charge of the training and developing of the team in line with Health and Safety laws and Alcohol licensing. However producing rotas, Action Plans in relation to the current business as we opened from scratch in 2013, PDP, Marketing; follow up the sales and keep stock / waste at the right line, P&L's, Budget or any needs for the business. Besides, few restaurants can be proud to transport you all the way to Spain and make you feel like you are on holidays, with iconic services at every stage of your experience. Moreover, I managed to establish an ideal place, for a trip with loved ones or with friends or business clients, this restaurant, that never sleeps guarantees an unforgettable experience. Key responsibilities include:

    * Manage the day to day operation of the restaurants, including placing orders to
    suppliers, dealing with contractors.
    * Training the team up to high standards that the business requires.
  • Today
    January 2010
    June 2009

    Project Manager

    Fundacio Tripartita

    Fundacio tripartita would be the NVQ Spanish version as we were executing the document processing to organize the Europe grants incentives for Spanish Employers in line with Off Com regulations. Furthermore, my part in this organization was to develop my team consistently to ensure Government campaign was prompt dealt with on daily basis even working under pressure with a deadlines. In addition, I'm taking care of produce rotas, Action Plans in relation to the current business, PDP, Direct and Indirect Marketing; Budget or any needs for the business we are working with. For this reason during my period at this position I realize how to conceive, plan, develop, and deliver truly effective business using SWOT analysis, interpreting and presenting results. Key responsibilities include:

    * Accomplish timescales and budgets alongside business analysis, interpreting and presenting results to either companies or Government about campaigns requirements and objectives.
    * Generate strategies to benefit small business to follow Government laws according to the incentives provided through a short/medium and long term plans.
    * Supervising the team providing them a constant training and chasing work progress alongside delivering reports of their progress.
  • University of Bristol

    Bachelor of Commerce
  • University of Bristol

    Bachelor of Commerce
  • Today
    May 2009
    January 2007

    Deputy Manager


    My role involved several innumerable duties to run the restaurant smoothly. On the other hand, this role involves such a daily task as monitoring Stocks, and placing orders or call outs when contractors are needed. However producing rotas, Action Plans in relation to the current business, PDP; follow up the sales and keep stock / waste at the right line, P&L's, Budget or any needs for the business. For this reason during my period at this restaurant I care about the Forecast too and everything involved in creating PACE in the business. Including gets involved with the community to create more business and develop profitable events alongside everything related with Marketing is under my responsibilities.
    However, as the business needs changes also changes my restaurant location, adapting myself to every role to learn the best qualities of every opportunity. Key responsibilities include:

    * Deal with guest needs. Delegate to other members of staff when appropriate.
    Restaurant of 26 members. Create an effective atmosphere through managing people and react promptly to priorities.
    * Cash handling. Placing banking and change orders.
    * Attend company meetings and put in practice Actions Plans and PDP when applicable. The sales in this restaurant have increased on an average of 21% versus last Year for the period 12.
  • Today
    December 2006
    May 2005

    Publicity Designer, Event Team and Product Training Manager

    KWW Limited

    Firstly I was organizing publicity campaigns with the deadlines according.
    Nevertheless, this includes keeping a track of all targets making sure that plans are put on place accordingly for each event. However, this role involves as a daily task Events Marketing on a High Profile Clients representation based on face to face customer interrelation. Consequently I become skilled at to hit high targets and criteria on time, plan, develop new members, became highly motivated, and deliver truly effective business. Key responsibilities include:

    * Deliver Client's needs, including Direct and Indirect Marketing and planning new publicity campaigns.
    * Attend company meetings and implement Actions Plans, SWOT analysis or PDP when applicable. This business is performance based.
    * Hit criteria as a team and personal. Generate Crew meetings daily and weekly depending to each team personal development.
    * Produce Training to all new FR's based on following the system on different points as approach, Law of average, Impulse factors etc.
    * Keep track of improvement made by any member; develop their mentality accordingly to their needs.

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Her skills

  • Budgets
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Restaurants
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Manage the day
  • Entertainment Licensing
  • Cash handling
  • Business Analysis
  • Value Added Tax

Her languages

  • Catalan
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

    About her

    An individual who continually strives to achieve higher standards through focused consistency,by achieving goals, being communicative, analytical, professional and organized.

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