Liz Kilford

Liz Kilford

Franchise Development Director, Antal International Network

Currently employed at Antal International Network



    Franchise Development Director for Antal International Network. We support people to build and run profitable international executive recruitment businesses and share clients, candidates and fees across nearly 50 offices and 28 countries. The cumulative fees paid to the global recruitment industry for permanent and temporary employees in 2007 were far in excess of $100 billion and continue to see a year on year increase, which in 2008 was 20%. Clearly the rewards to be gained through working in the global recruitment industry are enormous, at the same time the costs involved in setting up a recruitment business are minimal. Call me today for an informal conversation about how we can help you build a profitable recruitment buisness. Single office franchises, master franchises and joint venture opportunities are available globally, dependant on your individual circumstances, the level of investment you are able to make and the return on investment you want to achieve.Franchise and joint venture opportunities.



  • Business planning
  • Franchising
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Sales
  • Training