Henry Watson

Henry Watson

Consultant, Alto Resources

Currently employed at Alto Resources


Previous: College Of Law, University Of Bristol



    I devise recruitment strategies for technology companies, providing advice on staffing levels, remuneration, filling skills gaps, and building teams. I also create marketing campaigns for clients with high levels of recruitment, and for niche skills. I work with my clients to identify the brightest and most engaged candidates, and those capable of transforming their businesses. If you are a candidate looking for your next role, or a client seeking assistance in filling your roles, please do not hesitate to contact me on +44 (0)7932 866838 or by e-mail: henry.watson@alto.co.uk.




At Alto Resources

From 2009 to Present


  • Change management
  • Human resources
  • Human resources management
  • Project Managment
  • Recruitment
  • Resource Management