Charles Rosier

Charles Rosier

Co-founder ASC Regenity

Currently employed at ASC Regenity Limited


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    Charles Rosier's first investments in research date back to the beginning of his career with MIRAVANT, a company specializing in the treatment of macular degeneration. In 2008, he met Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu, creator of the RU 486 abortion pill. He decided to invest in his biopharmaceutical company, MAPREG, which works on quadriplegia, Alzheimer's and depression. Since 2013, Charles Rosier has been enthusiastically working alongside German professor Augustinus Bader to promote medical research and, in particular, the treatment of burns. Director of Research at the University of Leipzig and holder of more than 200 patents, Augustinus Bader has developed an unprecedented technique for treating burn victims without the use of skin grafts, thus treating their wounds without leaving scars. The technique involves triggering an internal healing mechanism by activating dormant stem cells. Charles Rosier's project with Dr. Augustinus Bader relies on 3 organizations: Launching a biotech company dedicated to Dr. Augustinus Bader’s clinical research. Launching a cosmetics brand whose proceeds will be used to fund Dr. Bader's research. Creating a charitable foundation responsible for handling the treatment of some patients.



Co founder

At ASC Regenity Limited

From July 2016 to Present

ESCP Europe, Paris

ESCP Europe

From 1993 to 1996
Business, finance, investment.


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