Baz Freestone

Baz Freestone

Director, Blue Diamond Travel Organisers Ltd

Currently employed at, Iraqi Enterprises, Tesla Purple Energy Plates., I.R.A.Q. Iraqs Regional Agricultural Quest., Karatbars International., Social Media Domination.



    Entreprenaur Visionary Health Sciences Specialist. Forward Thinker Social Media Specialist




From June 2016 to Present
We are a specialist travel company in the UK. We organise everything from your visa onwards, Educate your children in the UK. See our website Want to work and live in the UK, we offer the complete service. email


At Iraqi Enterprises

From January 2016 to Present
Executive Financier, Investment advisor, Project Leader. Many opportunities for the private investor. Get the inside story.

Project Manager.

At I.R.A.Q. Iraqs Regional Agricultural Quest.

From May 2014 to Present
Forming a cooperative farming project to increase the production of meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and dairy products.


At Tesla Purple Energy Plates.

From April 2014 to Present
Bringing Healthcare to the home for the family and pets. Energy Plates can help with many healthcare issues, including Aches & Pains, Cure. Electro Magnetic Fields caused by wireless equipment such as smart meters, cell phones, masts, Wi-Fi etc. all these things produce electrical pulses that are...
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Independant Gold Trader.

At Karatbars International.

From November 2013 to Present Would you like to be a gold trader? You get all the product, and a terrific website for free. It will cost you nothing. Even joining is free! Check out this wonderful opportunity now!

Social Media Strategist

At Social Media Domination.

From March 2008 to Present
Make the most of the many social media sites around today. Form a strong presence in social media and watch the interest in you just, grow and grow!


  • Health and wellness
  • Holistic Healer
  • Networking
  • Opportunist
  • Project Leader
  • Recruiting
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Senior Consultant
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  • Earn while you Learn
  • Geneology
  • Holistic cures
  • Making Money Online
  • Opportunities for all
  • Tesla Purple Energy