Aubra Kidd

Aubra Kidd

Delivery Consultant, ChapmanBlack

Currently employed at ChapmanBlack


Previous: Longfield Academy



    I am an ambitious, head-strong individual driven by success and job satisfaction. I strive under pressure, and prefer working in a fast paced environment that is non-stop. Being an extremely confident individual, with contagious enthusiasm, has helped me progress within my different job roles as colleagues and clients feed off it alike. I always aim to go above and beyond the call of duty of work, aiming to exceed every target that's given to me. I'm competitive, which has meant I have been the best at what I do within every job role. I have to decided on a career within the sales industry as I have amazing people skills. My confidence combined with my customer service knowledge has had proven success to get me sales.


Delivery Consultant

At ChapmanBlack

From 2015 to Present
ChapmanBlack is a unique specialist recruitment firm. We work with market leading companies across Europe and North America to attract, recruit and retain world class talent from specialist through to Executive level across the following industries: Automotive Industrial Digital Consumer We...
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