Antonios Antoniou

Antonios Antoniou

CEO and Consultant, FRT-C

Canterbury, United Kingdom

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His background

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About him

An authority on the subjects of economics and finance, Antonios Antoniou regularly writes about his areas of expertise as well as consults for clients around the globe. Among the most recent projects of Antonios Antoniou is the development of a university in North Africa. In addition, Antonios Antoniou advises a range of businesses, including independent oil and drilling companies and hedge funds, about relevant economic and financial data.

Having served as an educator for more than 22 years, Antonios Antoniou taught economics and finance to undergraduate and graduate students, including more than 43 students who completed PhD degrees. Antonios Antoniou began his career as a Lecturer in economics at Newcastle Polytechnic, now Northumbria University. Later, he joined the faculty of Brunel University, where he eventually led the Department of Economics and Finance and served as a Professor of finance.

Perhaps Antonios Antoniou’s most easily recognized accomplishments came during his tenure at Durham University, where he instructed students as a Professor of finance and managed faculty and administrators as the Chairman of the Department of Economics and Finance. Antonios Antoniou through change leadership skills managed to integrate three units with the University and create Durham Business School. Antonios Antoniou developed a system of governance and administration to create an efficient and successful operation. Serving as Dean of the new Durham Business School, Antonios Antoniou contributed to earning a high ranking for the educational institution.

Following his career in academia, Antonios Antoniou founded Financial Research, Training & Consulting, LLP, a United Kingdom-based firm that provides investment information and training to a range of commercial and retail clients.