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Description of GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a division of GE Technology Infrastructure, which is itself a division of General Electric (GE). It employs more than 46,000 people worldwide and is headquartered in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. GE Healthcare is the first GE business segment to be headquartered outside the United States. In 2004, just before the completion of the $9 billion acquisition of U.K.-based Amersham plc, the formerly named GE Medical Systems was renamed GE Healthcare.
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Une excellente entreprise.

Très bonne ambiance de travail ! Les gens sont à votre écoute et font avancer les projets. Les prises d'initiatives sont écoutées et appréciées.

Nous avons assez d'autonomie mais nous manquons de ressources. Il faudrait que l ...

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Wilfried B.

Sales Specialist, Ge Healthcare

Hired More than year ago

Alexandre C.

Ingénieur de Maintenance Imagerie Medicale, GE Healthcare

Hired More than year ago

Mariam F.

Ingénieur Intégrateur Système, GE Healthcare

Hired More than year ago

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40 years

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5 years

35% of women

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